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CORPORATE NAME: Acción Venta Directa XXI, SL
TIN: B99246886
CORPORATE ADDRESS: Calle Jose Luis Pomarón 11 7º E 50008 Zaragoza
CONTACT: Tel. No.: 691-241463


For your information, access to and usage of the present Website is subject to this Legal Disclaimer. Equally, by accessing and using this Website, you are an accredited User. By visiting and browsing our website as a User, you unreservedly accept the provisions detailed herein.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Website without prior warning to update, correct, modify, add or remove contents, products and/or services included herein. Thus, the terms and conditions in this section may, at any time, change.

Hence, we would ask you to read the following text. Should you not agree with the statements herein, please stop using the site.


As a User, you are explicitly required to access and use our Website both diligently and correctly, respecting the following regulations and accepting any liability that may arise from failure to do so.

Do not falsify your identity to pretend to be another person.

Acknowledge and accept that Website usage is for strictly personal. private and individual purposes.

You may not authorise third parties to use any or all of the Website. You may not add or include the contents, products and/or services from our Website as your own business concern.

You must not use our Website or its contents, products and/or services to pursue activities that are against the law, immoral, transgress standards of public decency or are contrary to public policy, or for illicit or forbidden purposes or effects, or to harm the rights or interests of third parties.

You may not divulge, store and/or manage the contents, products and/or services on our Website, which are liable to infringe the rights of third parties or other regulatory civil rights, penal, administrative or any other legislation.


All the images, information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, texts, videos and others which contain/may contain these on our Website are protected by the corresponding copyright laws, whether held directly by Acción Venta Directa XXI S.L. or by third parties. Thus, the provisions of the Consolidated Text of Copyright Law 1/1996, dated 12 April, shall be applicable to all the above.

All trade names, trademarks and distinctive icons, logos, symbols, and mixed, figurative or nominative brands appearing on our Website pertain to Acción Venta Directa XXI S.L. or their owners, or authorisation has been granted previously for usage rights for the above from the interested parties. All of these are, in any case, protected under the current legislation for this material.

Hence, all Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights are reserved.

Furthermore, by virtue of the details of the Consolidated Text of Copyright Law 1/1996, dated 12 April, the reproduction, distribution, public notification and transformation of part or all of the contents of this Website for commercial purposes in any format or by any technical means is expressly forbidden without written authorisation from the authors of said contents. Failure to comply with the above shall grant Acción Venta Directa XXI S.L. or any of the owners to pursue all pertinent legal actions.

Hence, the User is committed to respecting the Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights over the designs, utility models, patents, protected works, trademarks or any distinctive icons, etc. included on the Website.